Whose side are you on?

Andy Murray or Boris Becker?

You may have read yesterday (BBC News) that Becker called Murray “out of order” for voicing doping suspicions; Murray – talking to the Mail on Sunday said – that some of his opponents don’t seem to be getting tired and that three months into the season he’s only been tested twice. Becker was famously fined in his career as a player for suggesting his opponent had recovered too quickly, therefore implying doping (1995). Lately Murray has been very vocal about Maria Sharapova’s fall from grace.

Is this the rumblings of a new father lacking sleep (Murray)… or is there more to this story?

What relevance has any of this to do with Futurity Financial Services? We have some interest in sporting organisations and sporting activity in general; however looking at the bigger picture: in some people’s world the LTA is the Lawn Tennis Association, in others it refers to your “Lifetime Tax Allowance“.

You will maybe know that the current government reduced the personal LTA from £1.25m to £1m and there is supposition that it could be dropped further, however the indications are that from 6th April 2018 it will be forever indexed annually in line with the CPI (Consumer Prices Index). Is this a little solace or designed to distract us from the action on the court?

Either way, just like the recently appointed Peter Keen the interim Head of Performance at the Lawn Tennis Association, we have to act in the here and now in your best interests.

Credits: Telegraph article on Peter Keen’s appointment.