As we heard on 13th June 2016 the social network “LinkedIn” was bought by “Microsoft” for £26.2 billion, a cash deal – that would put a spring in anyone’s step. The news of it has been overshadowed by the situation in Orlando and the Football in France.

Both companies were experiencing a drop in confidence (and share price), this partnership has accelerated interest in both, they’ll not see stabilisation until nearer 2019 (WSJ – Jay Greene); it will be one to keep an eye on to see how the wider market reacts.

mathieu flamini

Looking at the Euro 2016 tournament in France made me think that these young sportsmen definitely need guidance to manage their financial situation. I came across Mathieu Flamini a Frenchman that last season was playing for Arsenal (previously Milan and French International) who co-founded a bio-chemical company that has interests in saving our planet by patenting a technique that provides green / bio-fuel. Not something I was expecting; all too often we hear of tabloid scandals surrounding footballers and their extended family, it’s good to learn of a more positive story.

If you are on LinkedIn and use it for Business feel free to find David Hand the Managing Director at Futurity Financial Services (HERE) and connect.

If you’re following the football, let me know when it’s all over so our house can get back to normal!


(WSJ Microsoft/LinkedIn article)

(BBC article on Mathieu Flamini)