How We are Paid

Our Investment Services and Costs

We provide you with an initial consultation free of charge. This helps us to understand your financial objectives and will confirm how we can support you in working towards these. We will also discuss the cost, and levels, of our services both initially and throughout our relationship with you.

We charge our services by way of a fee. Part of these fees are based on a percentage of the amount you invest. Our Financial Review and Recommendation process is chargeable by a fixed fee amount. Any implementation of our recommendations would be chargeable as a fee based on a percentage of the amount you invest. Please refer to our Client Agreement for further details.

Our Protection Services and Costs

Similar to our investment services above, we will provide you with a personal and financial review prior to making our recommendation(s) to you. Should you accept our recommendation(s) we will arrange the implementation of this/these for you. The reasons for our recommendations will also be provided to you in a written report.

We do not charge a fee for our protection services as we will normally receive commission from the policy provider. You will not be subject to VAT for this service.