You have 10 years until you’re 65, you’ve just sold a property and have £100,000 to invest in your future, what is the best thing to do? The choices you have are many and it depends on a number of personal factors to you. For example maybe you are considering changing your employment status from full-time to part-time and would like easy access to funds (just in case). Immediately we know that property, i.e. a buy-to-let; it might sound like a great idea, however your investment is completely tied up with no immediate access.

Maybe you have a particular opinion about Europe and the state of the economy on the back of the incidents in Paris and now Brussels. In the markets there was an immediate slump however things have now mostly recovered and stabilised. We at Futurity have to consider the likelihood of another similar situation and what it might mean to the investments we make on your behalf. Whilst we like to state: “You’re in Safe Hands at Futurity Financial Services” we are planning for the worst whilst expecting the best.

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